Makeup is not just another beauty weapon. It’s the weapon! It removes imperfections, fatigue, and even sadness from our face and gives the velvety glow of youth and joy.


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Permanent Makeup - Tattoo


The term permanent makeup has entered our lives for good and mainly as an immediate and sure solution to the problem of hair loss in the areas concerned and beyond. The technique follows in the footsteps of modern tattoo artist technology combined with aesthetic technology.

Permanent Makeup | Tattoo

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Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup (shading or ombre) is a new technique for semi-permanent eyebrow coloring, in which the pigment is applied only to the upper layers of the skin, creating the effect of light coloring.



Lash lifting is a nourishing and hydrating treatment for the natural eyelash. Specifically, it is a perm and eyelash dye that lasts without causing any damage to your natural lashes, and without adding an extension.

Lasts 5-8 weeks.
No maintenance needed at home.

Lash Lifting

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