A manicure captures the hygiene of our hands beyond beautification. Men’s or women’s hand care is now part of our overall image and you need regular care.

  • Simple paint (Painting)
  • Treatment (In the form of varnish for damaged nails)
  • Manicure Express (Dry manicure process)
  • Simple Manicure (Complete manicure process)
  • Manicure – Semi-permanent
  • Manicure SPA (Peeling / Mask / Paraffin Bath)
  • Subtraction
  • Hands Massage (15 minutes)
  • Pedicure Express (Heel or brand beautification)
  • Pedicure Simple
  • Pedicure Semi-permanent
  • Pedicure Therapeutic
  • SPA service
  • Foot massage (15 minutes)


Perhaps one of the most enjoyable sensations you can enjoy in a beauty salon. From a quick nail painting to a complete treatment of the lower extremities. Women or men really enjoy it.