Hello, my name is Maria Triantafyllidou

and I welcome you to Marose

Marose is not just another beauty center, it is a breath of fresh air in the daily life of every woman and man. It’s a stop for a quick treatment, for dazzling make-up, a body and face treatment or a refreshing sport massage after a hard workout.

What do we do best?

services you will enjoy with us

We are passionate about what we do and offer through years of training and experience. We have a team of well-trained beauticians, makeup artists and beauty professionals at your disposal for your personalized care.

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Extreme Care – Pedicure 0 %

Face Care 0 %

Body Care 0 %

Hair Removal 0 %

Makeup 0 %

Permanent Makeup – Tattoo 0 %

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A place, made magically

the luxury we all need

Everyone in their specialty, we say it and we believe it. That’s why we chose the best ones to help us create our vision. A team ofoutstanding architects, aesthetics experts, branding & color specialist, branding & color specialists, technical workshops and people who love their work gave us an overall result that we are proud of.

Our Team

Marose is in its people. Us. You.