MAROSE Body & Soul Redefined Welcome to a world of aesthetic independence and relaxation From top to toe... When we say from your head to your toes we mean it hitech beauty services when technology meets aesthetics and perfect training It's all about balance one of a kind aesthetics places/areas that drive you to absolute relaxation

Marose or simply... Maria Triantafyllidou

With over 20 years of experience with body care, the need arose to create a completely different approach in the areas of aesthetics and care for both women and men.

With the aim of perfect technical training, the constant search for small moments of relaxation in the routine as well as the need for physical as well as mental beauty and care, the idea of ​​Marose was born.

We started to build every detail of Marose with the help of an excellent team, and experts in every field. Each aspect of this project is based on the creation of a high level of services in the field of cosmetic care.

\ Maria Triantafyllidou

Marose [Body & Soul Redefined]

Some words for Us

At Marose you will find a full range of beauty, wellness and relaxation services.

Services made and personalized to every need, for both women and men



For a quick treatment of your nails up to an intensive and enhanced treatment on damaged nails.


Extreme Care

The Manicure or pedicure process and the result will clearly surprise you


Makeup & Permanent Makeup

Going out or wearing an impressive new dress should be accompanied by amazing professional makeup


Hair Removal

Male and female hygiene go hand in hand with hair removal.


Detox Therapies

From preparing our body for the summer to the help of anti-aging technology



What’s more refreshing after a hard workout than a Sports Massage or a Candles Massage from your spouse for your anniversary?


Facial Treatment

Something more than necessary is facial care nowadays. Men’s and women’s face care at its best.


Men’s Treatment

If women can do this as a hobby, men really need it. From a relaxing pedicure after standing for hours to a sports massage after a hard workout.

Our Job. Our Passion.


When you truly love something and do it with happiness its transferred and touches others.

When you choose your best associates, the result justifies you

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    MAROSE – Body & Soul Redefined

    Gr. Tabaki 25, 57001, Thermi, Thessaloniki +30 2310 461 700

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